System Monitoring

System monitoring Rudge Enegry

System monitoring is becoming more and more important as the industry grows. Rudge Energy offer monitoring devices and solutions for all of our solar PV systems.

The monitoring of PV arrays is important as it gives an indication of system performance over a period of time which can be compared to the expected output to show any potential problems with the system.

System monitoring can range from a simple Sunny beam unit giving information on instantaneous output of the system and historic output over the day, week, month, year and the lifetime of the system. This information can be downloaded to a PC for further analysis of the information. From here you can go to the Sunny Web box which allows the system information to be archived on a server which can be accessed anywhere in the world via a PC or smart phone. The Web box also allows the provision of public display units to be installed allowing system information to be viewed by visitors.

The Enecsys micro-inverter system allows for the monitoring of the array as a standard feature. The information is supplied by each inverter via a wireless network with a gateway hub which then connects to your domestic router; the information is then accessible on-line. The system allows for each modules performance to be seen individually over a number of different time periods. It will also indicate if any faults have been detected with the system operation.