RNLI Commercial solar Rudge Energy

To stay up to date with modules that will give you the best annual yield, we always try to stay one step ahead, keeping an eye on industry league tables. Because of this, we have moved away from older lower yield panel designs such as Sharp and Chinese brands such as Canadian Solar so we can provide far higher performance Solarworld, REC and LG.

REC Multicrystalline Modules

rec solar prof medium Rudge EnergyAre a Norwegian brand used all over the UK for large ground mount systems through to domestic installations. REC produce their own silicon ingots and cells to manufacture their own modules. Quality is really tight, which produces a module that does not suffer from rapid drop off of performance in the first few months as some other manufacturers modules are prone to. In addition, the output at lower light levels in winter months exceeds many others. We are part of the REC Professional network of installers and can offer a higher 12 year product warranty on our REC installations, as well as the standard 25 year output warranty.

REC Module Data Sheet Downloads:

LG Neon Black Framed Modules

Are proving a popular option this year. Providing a quality product from Korea, the LG has a black surround frame and comes in 300Wp size in the same footprint as standard 250Wp types, which helps us install higher wattage systems in a smaller space, ideal for mid terrace and at far lower cost than the old hybrid Sanyo technology. See the data sheet link on the right column.

LG Neon Module Data Sheet Downloads:

SolarWorld All Black 250Wp Modules

Are a well engineered German all black module, which will give you a fully black finish to blend in nicely with your slate roof or simply look smart on any roof type. Unlike many all black modules, the SolarWorld modules will provide as good an annual generation as white backed modules. Every module from this Teir 1 manufacturer is individually tested as you would expect from a German manufacturer and has an exceptional warranty guaranteeing 80% output after 25 years and as an approved installer for Solar World, you expect exceptional backup from us.

SolarWorld Module Data Sheet Downloads:

Sunmodule Plus modules ensure consistent output and their exceptional product features make them stand out from the pack. The SolarWorld modules Plus-sorting system is one-of-a-kind. The modules are then graded in 5-watt steps, rendering the time-consuming process of sorting the modules on-site unnecessary. Only modules which have been tested within the specified rated power range are delivered to the customer. The accuracy of SolarWorld measurements is certified by TÜV Rheinland with the label “Power controlled”.