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There are few investments that make as much sense as having a solar PV and battery storage system installed in your home.

Over the last few years the cost of electricity has rocketed, but the cost of installing solar at home has decreased gently each year as technology improves and becomes cheaper.

The “payback time” on a system will depend on all sorts of variables, but it’s a lot less than it was, and as energy costs continue to rise, we expect to see the time it takes to profit from your own solar PV system reduce further.

A solar PV system should provide all of the energy that your home requires, meaning no more electricity bills for the majority of the year. You can use battery storage systems to utilise the cheaper overnight energy tariffs in the winter when the sun is not shining, which helps reduce your bills all year round.

In addition, having a solar PV and battery storage system means you can sell any excess electricity you make straight back into the grid. So you’ll actually profit from unused power that your system generates.

Modern systems often include intelligent power management, which can divert excess power to heat your water, or divert power to the grid instead of your battery at peak times, when they will pay the most for it. Or they can manage the charging of your EV so it is done at the most cost effective time. This can all be set up when we install it or you can manage it dynamically with an app on your phone.

Rudge Energy has completed over 800 solar installations in the South West, so whatever you’re thinking, whatever questions you’ve got, the right place to start is with a call to us.

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