Solar PV

RNLI Commercial Solar PV Rudge Energy

For quiet and clean electricity generation with a modular approach, Solar Photovoltaic (PV) systems are hard to beat.

The versatility of solar PV lends its technology for any electrical generation purpose you may need from small vehicle mounted battery charging systems to multi kilowatt grid connected generation installations.

Domestic Solar PV Rudge EnergyDomestic Solar PV Rudge EnergyEvery day, during daylight, a PV system will generate electricity. It does not have to be full sunlight, but maximum output will be achieved in full sun. Cloudy days will probably produce around 10% of the rated full output. In the South West, output from a Solar PV system will be around 20% higher than from a same sized system in the North of England.

We always specify good quality PV modules. As with any industry, there are very inferior units available that will be quoted by ‘budget’ companies, we always avoid PV equipment that will obviously not last the full 25 year lifespan.

Our current 4kWp quality 16 panel Solar PV system cost, using JA Solar all Black modules and a quality inverter installed from just £4900 inc 5% VAT .. (Scaffold, if required, is extra)

Solar PV systems, once installed, are quiet, need no maintenance and have an easily expected life of 20 – 25 years and beyond. There are PV systems built in the 1960’s that are still operating right now!

We offer a full 5 year insurance backed warranty on all parts & labour for all our grid connected systems! This is in addition to any PV manufacturers 20 year warranty.

On the inside of the building we install quality electronics to match the PV array output. We always use trusted G83/2 compliant inverters whenever possible or any emerging reliable compliant inverters such as Solar Edge and all wiring and certification included.

No hidden extras and charges, all grid connection and electrical works and certification is included.

We have our own scaffold tower access equipment, suitable for single storey buildings, but for 2 storeys or higher there will be additional costs for scaffolding, to comply with current Health & Safety regulations.

Our site survey will provide you a detailed no obligation quote.