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There are few investments that make as much sense as having a solar PV and battery storage system installed in your home.

Solar PV makes perfect sense for commercial use. No matter what sort of business you’re running, your electricity bills will have soared higher over the…

Over the last few years the cost of electricity has rocketed, but the cost of installing solar at home has decreased gently each year as technology improves and becomes cheaper.

Having some idea of the excess power you have available that could be going to the grid each day tends to be an assumption unless you have been metering the daily export over a year or so, we have to make some assumptions.

Installed systems costs have reduced in costs dramatically to the extent that a typical 3.6kwp Domestic Solar PV system that would have cost £14,000 in 2010, can in 2019 now be installed for just £4500.

We stock a couple of power optimising Immersion heater controls to make the most of on-site generated electricity by heating water with your excess PV or Wind power production.

If you would like an outline cost for an Off Grid power system, please complete the form outlining your appliances and lighting requirements, and we will be able to provide you with some options.

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