Off Grid

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As we have discovered, there are many people who either by choice or necessity live ‘off grid’. The reasons are many, but always mean they have no access to mains 230v power. For many remote locations, and indeed some not so remote, the cost of getting mains electricity connected can exceed £30k. With some power management, a household solution to ensure you have 230v mains electricity 24 hours a day, every day can cost a third of this, plus you will not get quarterly electricity bills!

Off Grid System Rudge EnergyWe install a huge range of Off Grid systems, from small battery systems for hilltop radio repeaters, to household & workshop systems, keeping fossil fuel use to a minimum.

Design work is really important, and we know that this aspect is crucial for any system to enable 24 hour a day operation as you’ll not usually find an ‘off the shelf’ solution. There are many factors we will need to know in the design process, mainly the amount of appliances you will be using over each 24 hour period. We can then calculate for equipment and battery sizing for your location. See link to the form on right if you are making an enquiry.

If you would like an outline cost for an Off Grid power system, please complete the form outlining your appliances and lighting requirements, and we will be able to provide you with some options. Don’t forget that ANY heating Off Grid should be carried out by LPG or Wood-burning stove, as battery storage will work out very expensive to cope with power hungry heating elements!

We will offer combinations of technologies according to your requirements and location, but in the main this will be based around either Generator and Battery bank or Solar PV, Generator and Battery Bank. Including PV to an Off Grid option will always keep your fossil fuel (Diesel or Petrol) consumption low. Ideally, with the cost of Solar Panels at an all time low, we will try to design the system so your generator hardly has to run during the summer months, keeping generator charging for the Winter.

We provide installations for anywhere in the South West UK in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset.