National trust Coleton Fishacre Shop – A 9.84kWp Solar PV array

Case Study

Client: National trust Coleton Fishacre Shop

The National Trust is always looking for new ways to lower their impact on the environment and to lessen their fuel costs so that there will be more funds available for conservation projects.

In light of this they contacted us in reference to the installation of a PV array. We soon discovered that the roof area could contain a system nearing 10kW. This figure was also less than the load that the shop and café demanded at any one time this means that all of the energy generated will be used on-site.

Further to the energy saving aspect of the system the National Trust is also able to claim the Feed-in tariff for the energy that the system produces. This means that the initial system cost will be quickly recouped and the further income can help to fund more projects at the Coleton Fishacre site.

It is predicted that the systems would output 8.34MWh/annum.

And some more….

Following the installation the 9.84kWp system we were commissioned to install a further 4kWp solar PV system upon the café roof. This compounds the energy saving at the site promoting the National Trust as an example of an organisation making environmentally positive decisions.

Case Study Vital Statistics

System components

  • 41 REC 240Wp solar PV modules
  • 1 x Sunny Tri-Power 10000TL inverters
  • K2 roof mounting system
  • Information Centre display

Estimated annual output

PV output based on SAP 2005 figures 8.34MWh/annum Or 8338.4kWh/annum


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