The EMMA Rudge Energy

We are proud to announce that we are an official stockist for the established EMMA unit. The EMMA is a big step up from our simple immersion heater relay in that it is able to measure electricity usage and PV electricity production from which it is able to determine the net values. The unit when it sees that the PV array is producing more than is being used then the excess is used to power an immersion element or a similar heating load up to 13 Amps. It is also equipped with a sensor to evaluate the tank temperature for optimum heating.

The EMMA can also deal with PV arrays up to 31kWp on single phase and up to 39kWp on three phase systems. They also offer solutions for wind turbine systems up to 11kW.

Further to the standard EMMA unit the GVS (Grid Voltage Stabilisation) editions limit the power output on to the National Grid, this is important as the network operator allows only a certain power output from each electricity account without an expensive network upgrade. This limiting of power output can allow for the installation of larger systems than the supply network can handle. This means a larger energy user can install a system to match their load and keep the network operator happy that they will not output the full system production to the grid under any circumstance.

If you wish to make further enquiries about the EMMA unit then contact us. We are registered and trained installers of either EMMA Home or EMMA GVS (grid voltage stabilisation). Call or email us for a system design and quote for your system.