The EDDI power diversion system

We are an official stockist for the established EDDI unit from MyEnergi. The EDDI is a big step up from other immersion heater diversion units on the market., Based on years of experience in this field, the EDDI designers have pulled out all the stops to incorporate anything you could need for a robust Immersion Diversion unit.

Core to the EDDI is a centrally mounted display with intuitive menu buttons below. The display provides an intuitive graphic showing you the flow of power in and out of the Grid, the excess power going to your Immersion heater and if using the optional additional CT sensor, what power is coming from your PV system too. The whole panel can be seen as an information panel for your premises power use.

Additional features that can be enjoyed on the EDDI:

  • Handy Switch to allow you to either turn off the EDDI or simply manually switch on the immersion heater.
  • Add on Internet Hub. Using your internet connection, the unit will upload all your power data to the MyEnergi portal which you can access using the MyEnergi App. It also gives you remote of the EDDI unit via the app.
  • A self powered Harvi wireless power sensor. This add on unit is supplied when the EDDI is going to be mounted away from your Grid intake, saving running a new cable through your house, we simply clip on a wireless unit to do the job.

If you’d like to have an EDDI fitted, we can install one for you in the East/ Central Devon area for a flat cost of £510 inc VAT. (unless a Harvi is required). Additional costs could apply over 20 miles from our Exeter office. If you need the Harvi wireless unit, these are supplied at cost of £40 if needed on the installation. 

We are able to install adjacent to your Consumer unit (fuse box) for a fast and efficient installation. The EDDI will simply be wired direct to your Immersion heater circuit. If you need the EDDI fitted by your immersion heater cupboard, we can easily do this using the Harvi. Call to discuss.