Solar iBoost

Solar iboost3 box Rudge Energy

Solar iboost Rudge EnergyWe are registered installers of the Solar iBoost from Metgen. Working with your PV system, will send excess power to a standard immersion heater. See data sheet link to the right hand side of this page.

This attractively priced unit has a battery operated sensor that sends your usage data to the main controller installed by your consumer unit, or indeed can be installed by your immersion heater if you don’t have a dedicated circuit from the fuse box.

The display shows when the system is diverting power to your immersion heater, and has access to statistics of power diverted over a period of time if you wanted to see the historical data.

Straightforward to install, and within reason can be installed just about anywhere you need in the house, due to to the wireless current clamp that has a range designed to reach across a standard house.

iboost2 box Rudge EnergyYou will have to change the batteries (standard AA’s) every 6 months or so, otherwise the unit stops working.

We can supply the Solar iBoost+ for £400 + £6 P&P if required.
Installed cost for a Solar iBoost in the East Devon or West Dorset area is £500 inc VAT.