Feed in Tariff

Solar PV Installations up to 10kWp will qualify for a FiT rate of 4.25p per generated kWh from 1st July 2016

Solar PV installations over 10kWp and up to 50kWp will be 4.46p per generated kWh from 1st July 2016

Premises will need to have an EPC (Energy Performance Certificate) assessment to ensure it comes up to level D or better when the PV is installed. However, this target is not as onerous as it first appears, as the installed PV system can count towards your premises EPC. If you do not have a current EPC, we can arrange to have one carried out for you.

We are taking the hassle out of installing renewables – we arrange for your EPC, apply for planning if required and arrange for all scaffold and access… we carry out a complete customer service package for you!

The latest OFGEM feed in tariff chart can be foundHERE

Feed in Tariff - Inverter - Rudge Energy


As indicated above, the FiT rate has been cut for Solar PV in response to the massive influx of ‘investment’ company’s grabbing massive chunks of budgeted FiT funds.

The Government have adjusted the rate to bring it back into line with the original design rate of return before PV system prices tumbled. For example, a basic 2kWp system installed at the start of the FiT scheme (2009) would have been nearly £11,000. Now you’ll find £6500 will buy you a good quality 4kWp system!

Systems over 50kWp though avaible for FiT payments, are not actually guaranteed FiT payouts as currently there is an over subscription on system installations. At the moment, up to 50kWp systems are a reasonable option.

Only Ofgem listed Electricity companies, listed here will be licensed for FiTs and able to buy your Green generated power on the Feed in Tariff scheme.
Only MCS approved products and installers can be used on a renewable power installation expecting to obtain FiT payments. We are an MCS approved installation company,

Our MCS Registration number NIC1331 (originally BRE1319).
Further resource on the Feed in Tariff scheme: