Export Tariff

After 1st April 2019, the UK Feed in Tariff has been ended by the Government as it was deemed the Feed in Tariff has performed its role in promoting Renewable power generation using Solar PV in the UK.

Installed systems costs have reduced in costs dramatically to the extent that a typical 3.6kwp Domestic Solar PV system that would have cost £14,000 in 2010, can in 2019 now be installed for just £4500. If the premises is using that power, with rising energy costs payback time can be as little as 9 years.

Anyone that has a heat pump installed should seriously consider having a PV system installed to offset their higher power consumption that goes hand in hand with heat pump operation.

Though the original Feed in Tariff and Export Tariff has now gone, from January 2020, the Government are introducing a Smart Export scheme. PV systems installed after April 2019 will be able to apply for this and enable them to be paid for their excess generated power being exported onto the grid. As the name suggests, to benefit from the scheme, you will need to have a new Smart Meter fitted which will accurately meter what power is being exported to the grid. Current estimates are the payment will be 5p per kWh (unit).

Currently, Octopus Energy are ahead of the game, offering people the same Smart Export program. They are currently paying 5p per kW for exported power.

From April 2019, the main driver for people to have Solar PV installed is no longer government payments, but to cover power usage in the building. With new power prices at the time of writing being 18p a kWh (unit) from most suppliers, it will not be long before we get to 20p … and more.. Obviously the Smart Export is never going to cover these costs, but it will be good that at least we know any excess power generated will attract a payment.

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