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Commercial buildings have a distinct advantage over typical dwellings in that most premises will use the majority of the power being generated by the Solar PV system. This will dramatically reduce ongoing power bills plus will go greatly towards ‘Greening’ any company image, and providing a much reduced carbon footprint.

A typical 20kWp south facing solar PV system fitted to a busy office or industrial premises can save up to £50,000 in electricity bills over a 20 year period, on top of that you still get paid the Feed in Tariff that will pay for the installation in 10 years! It really does make financial sense.

We have extensive experience with commercial solar PV installations right across the South West UK, having provided systems for clients such as The National Trust, The RNLI, East Devon District Council, NHS, Atass Sports, Farms and more.

You can rely on us to provide a comprehensive installation package, using our own fully trained installation teams and quality equipment to ensure you will obtain the full 20 year system lifespan with minimal maintenance. In addition we can include web based monitoring facilities at minimal cost, enabling you to track the output of your system throughout the year at a glance!

Call or email us to arrange for a friendly and knowledgeable site assessment of your building. We will carry out a basic site survey and provide you with a suggested suitable scheme to illustrate power generation potential, along with installation costs and of course a illustrating breakdown of income revenue stream you will receive in Feed in Tariff payments, Export tariff payments and Savings on electricity costs.

We always keep our installation costs keen, and we never use pushy sales staff or dodgy ‘incentives’.

See our Case Studies Page for an indication of previous work we have carried out across the South West.

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