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Victron ESS Battery Storage Rudge Energy

Victron ESS Solar Battery Storage

Our leading Battery Storage system is the ESS (simply Energy Storage System) from Victron. This versatile system can be tailored to any size PV system and household consumption, enabling you to budget for your own real world situation. Other ‘one size’ battery systems on the market can be oversized for smaller PV systems.. one size definitely does not fit all! The ESS avoids both these main pitfalls being tailored to your system size. ESS system installations start at just £2900 for the starter kit. All systems use trouble free Lithium batteries and all have a 10 year warranty.We are able to draw on over 10 years battery storage experience to give you the best system options.

Based around the tried and tested Multiplus Inverter/Charger, which has been in use both in the Off Grid market right up to tough marine environments, the Multiplus is the well proven product from the powerhouse of Victron based in The Netherlands. The system monitors exactly what power is being used by your house, the excess power is coming off the solar PV and importantly keeps your export power to just about zero, storing into the battery for use when the sun has gone down, or when you need to draw off the grid. Its the perfect way to not only keep all your own generated power, but will help stabilise the grid which gets overloaded when the sun shines.

Though the system options are many, we have put together 4 standard packages to make choosing a system for you far less complex. See below for out line costs of example systems. Further down the page you’ll see a typical wiring diagram of a system where you’ll see that we usually need to divide your fuse box if you also want the Power backup option in case of grid fail, we can install a new consumer unit for your essential loads. All systems will be fitted with an emergency power socket to use in case of a power cut.

Victron CCGX Storage Rudge EnergyWith ALL systems you will get a super colour display that will show you the system health and what power is being used and where. In addition, you’ll get it linked to your internet connection (if you have one) to stream your system data to the password protected Victron Portal. You’ll be able to see what your system is doing while on the go. Its all included in the cost!

Kit Options: (storage only)

Starter Kit: Ideal for small PV systems around 2kWp. It has an 1200VA Inverter/charger and 1kWh of Lithium Battery storage. Ideal for smaller PV arrays. £2900 (subject to survey)

Medium Domestic: This one is for people with a slightly bigger array, say 2-3kWp. It has a 2000VA Inverter charger and 2kWh of Lithium battery storage. Like the system above, is ideal for smaller PV arrays, but a good southerly aspect. £4250 (subject to survey)

Premium Domestic kit: Perfect for those who have 4kWp or more. With the 3000VA inverter/charger and a larger 5kWh Pylontech Lithium battery storage, it will give you a good amount of storage and power to run most economically fitted out houses. Ideal for houses with low energy lighting and appliances throughout. This kit will certainly keep your power bills minimal. £4900 (subject to survey).

Optimum Domestic kit: For 4kWp or more solar PV systems, this version is our top rated system with a 5000VA inverter/charger and the great value Pylontech 7.5kWh storage battery. From £5900 offers a far more versatile system than a Tesla Powerwall with similar storage. Unlike the Tesla, this system can offer whole house backup in most cases during a power cut (ask for a free survey), and unlike most other battery storage systems that lose you 5-10% of your FiT generation, the ESS lets you keep ALL your generated power.

Typical circuit of a ESS installation:

Typica Circuit Rudge Energy