Powervault   G2002 1 - Rudge Energy

Powervault approved installer Rudge EnergyWe are now pleased to be able to offer the Powervault domestic Solar PV energy storage system. This neat unit has been developed in the UK and is also manufactured right here too.

Like a number of other storage solutions available in the UK, the Powervault is AC coupled, allowing you to not lose any Feed in Tariff earnings, (which will happen on any DC coupled system). However the Powervault is all in one neat box and is well priced for the storage offered, plus is expandible later if you need it.

Unlike most battery storage systems, with the Powervault you can go for a budget installation now with Lead Acid batteries. When the Lead acid batteries lose efficiency in 5 years time, you can then get us to replace with long lasting Lithium Ion cells. By then the cost of Lithium will be far lower than right now.


  • All in one neat box to fit in your utility or garage
  • Usually fully installed in 3 hours
  • Low entry cost, with options to add storage capacity
  • Get storage fitted now, before the costs of electricity start ramping even higher

Pricing for a fully installed Powervault starts at £2900 inc VAT and is available right now.