BYD B-BoxWe have been installing the BYD B-Box 2.5kWh batteries since December 2016, soon after they started arriving in the UK. As the build quality, reliability, warranty and pricing combined is far better than other Lithium Ion battery packs, these are now the Off Grid and On Grid battery of choice offering a 10 year/ 6000 charge discharge cycle warranty, expected lifetime of 15 years plus and so many advantages over Lead Acid/ AGM technology.

Recent 7.5kWh Off Grid temporary power

We are able to stack the B-Box 2.5kWh units in multiples right up to a maximum of 80kWh, though usually we are installing 10kWh into a rack housing at many houses. A small commercial system will need more, especially if utilising 3 phase.

Storage systems compatible with the BYD B-Box are Victron Multiplus and Quattro, SMA Sunny Island, SolaX and more to come soon. Using the Victron Multiplus inverter/charger unit, we are able to install a set of 5 units to provide better Solar storage capacity than a Tesla Powerwall 2, and as an added bonus you get a colour display and we are able to install it INSIDE your house.byd b-box


For Off Grid, the BYD B-Box comes into its own, as comes with self over discharge protection, that other Lithium cells simply don’t have, leaving them vulnerable to complete discharge. An important factor with Off Grid power systems!

We can to convert any 48v Victron system with Lead Acid or AGM batteries over to use B-Box for a maintenance free long lifetime.

BYD B-Box Datasheet

BYD B-Box Datasheet